TV Serrana

On April 22, 2011, Cuban documentary film-maker Carlos Rodríguez spoke about TV Serrana, a project that trains people in the rural mountainous area of the Sierra Maestra to film, edit and produce their own documentaries. Since its inception in 1993, TV Serrana has produced nearly 500 documentaries, some of which have won important prizes and been shown on Cuban national television. The four films that he screened gave tangible evidence of how the project has transformed the community, giving voice to its members and allowing them a way to critique and change the conditions and limitations that define their lives. Thematically, these films focus on local culture, local conditions and demonstrate the concern of members of the community with regards to their future. The presentation projected a unique perspective: Not only did the audience learn about a unique Cuban media project, we also were able to see how people live in the interior of Cuba, an area seldom visited by US citizens due to the complex political relationship between the two countries. Alex Halkin, founder of the Chiapas Media Project and currently the director of the America’s Media Initiative accompanied Carlos Rodríguez on this 13 University tour. This was the first time Rodríguez has visited the United States. The tour and his visit to NAU constituted true cultural exchange. More information on TV Serrana


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